“Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social networking sites to market sales and corporate services.” But this definition lacks something really important. Let’s make it easier and clearer:

“Social media marketing (SMM)  is a program to grow relevant content across all social media platforms to empower you to engage and promote your business.” SMM Course is about connecting with your target market or customers and helping them see your company better. Highly recommended for the growth of your business.

Imagine meeting someone for the first time with the intention of building a proper relationship. What do you need to do to make that character look like you right away because you won’t get a 2nd chance? Will you succeed if you meet that man or woman and say things that you do not really mean?

People tend to love you more and more when you make them happy, not counting how you do it. As an offline world, your social media marketing success depends largely on your ability to find and direct your target audience to fully love your producer and share your stories with others. Your social media marketing efforts will not produce results if your story is not worth sharing.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Important?

Today’s consumers are quick to take a look at social media when they choose to know more about the employer or product because that’s where they’ll get others to talk to me about the business.

What if you do not have a social networking site? You will leave a wonderful opportunity to make an impression.

Take a look at these statistics from Oberlo to get a sense of why having a successful social media platform is essential to the success of a commercial business by 2021 and beyond:

1. 71% of consumers who have a high quality trip with the manufacturer on social media are likely to authorize the company to their friends and family.

2. 90.4% Millennium, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are social media users.

3. Facebook itself has more than 2.7 billion active users every month.

Your customers and potential users use social media channels each day, several times a day. Check out this blog to find out how much time a man or a woman spends on social media. Social media is a great place for producers who want to get information about what their audience wants and what they like. As experts see it, smart businesses will continue to invest in social media to achieve sustainable business growth.

Social Media Marketing means growing and engaging the fan community in what your organization does. To do this, you first need to define your audience and actually give them something to care about. At the end of this SMM Course, you will feel more confident about bringing the product story to life on many social media platforms.

  • Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Developing data – driven audience and campaign insights
  • Creating and optimizing social media campaigns
  • Growing and engaging an audience 
  • Setting up a Social Media experience for a business

Covering all major online marketing topics and comprising of 20+ hours of clear cut lectures & practice activities – this course is “incredible value for money!” as one student said. We’ll cover:

  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • How to market company’s product on Social media?
  • Why Social Media is important?
  • 7 Wonders of Social Media
  • Create your profile one by one
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Quora Marketing